World first mechanic hand model with natural articulation and realistic shape, made for an artist .

General / 10 February 2019

BIOT - Bionic Arm of the new generation


  The Human Hand one of the most beautiful and complex creations of nature. It combines a range of complex motion, amazing precision and sensitivity with unbelievable strength and shock absorption capacity.  The Hand is the tool what made and distinguish as, as a Human.
   Our hand is a challenging object to study and understand.  As a professional artist and product designer, I never stop standing of hand anatomy. But I always was surprised that only available hand model for artists education is an archaic, primitive wooden dummy, designed at the early medieval time. The advanced design in the robotics and prosthetic are also extremely limited and overly expensive.

  To bridge these limits,  I started design of the new generation Anthropomorphic Hand -  BIOT.
  To get it done, the Human Hand as a marvel of biological complexity, functionality, freedom of motion, harmonized proportions, and elegance of shapes need to be converted into solid mechanical construction with similar qualities.

 The challenge

  The main challenge that the joints aloud specific and precise freedom of rotation, throw joints passed tendon receptacles, joints extremely strong, and joints shape and proportion cannot be compromised. The search of solution triggered the invention of a new, specific type of mechanical joint.  New innovative hinges allowed the BIOT hand to move correctly and recreate the shapes and functionality.

  The next challenge is the Main Finger.  Mobility and functionality of this finger distinguish the Man form the Monkey. And this is so complex, that no one artificial hand of today gets an effective solution, and this is one well-funded design area!  

  The task is complex, but In a few words,  the Main Finger connected to Palm by meaty mussels, named Thener hill,  the Thener follows Main Finger motion and affect the shape and grasps of the Palm.  That why BIOT benefit of a new solution that recreates Thener hill and Main finger with correct functionality and motion and shapes.

 The next unsolved part of mechanical hands was the wrist joint. Surprisingly even designs with seven digits budgets get clumsy and brutal hinges. The invention of a new type of mechanical joint helps to the BIOT hand to develop a new wrist with correct range of motion and realistic shape. 

As result, The novel design of BIOT hand replicates a complete range of motions and elegant shapes of the human hand at every position.


    Braking the limits

 The BIOT design came close to the limits of possibility, the hand with 17 complex joints constructed only by 18 principal solid parts! The beauty of biological complexity interpreted into the perfection of mechanical simplicity.

    The BIOT ingenuity grounded in research, invention, and novel design.  Biot project opens a set of original inventions, new approaches and patents. BIOT design also greatly improving the efficiency and capabilities of artificial limbs in robotics and prosthetics of the new generation.

    What it for?

  From the core of BIOT design derived two modifications: the BIOT - hand with passive control and augmented iBIOT - hand with active control (for robotics) the iBIOT will be shared in the next article.

   BIOT — model controlled by external manual adjustments of joints it can repeat poses, gestures, and grasps of the human hand. This model applicable as an educational reference for Artists, Students, Developers, and  Holder for supporting objects like Light, Gadgets, Tools, Jewelry, Clothing, Demonstration mannequin for Shops, Exhibitions, Photographers

How it works

  The BIOT joint manually controlled by user external adjustments.  The user manually rotates joints to recreate static poses, gestures, and grasps needed.  The BIOT hand neatly holds alternated positions.

  The motion range of the joint repeats the human hand abilities. The fingers joints included rubber insertion to improve motion and positioning. The wrist joint mobility can be adjusted by a special screw, for heavier objects it can be tightened. For secure holding of heavy objects, optionally can be installed extra supporting strings.  The wrest section is made hollow and can be filled with a custom load for better stability. The wrest is closed with a lid that serves as a base plate,  with a slot for the M6 bolt, to fasten the arm to horizontal or vertical panels.

Technical details

Biot hand made from plastic. These are safe and reliable materials used in the automotive industry.
Open hand dimensions: height 32cm/width 8.5cm/depth 6.5cm. Weight 350 gr.
Finger ring sizes: Index 18/Middle 17/ Ring 16/Pinky 15.
Glove size S 7th. Wrist bracelets size 16-17mm.
Parcel dimensions: Height 28cm /Width 10cm/Depth 10cm, Weight 400 gr.

Made by Artist with Artist in mind
Thank you