Artificial Arm - BIOT - with natural articulation and realistic shape

I Invented, Designed revolutionary Artificial Arm - BIOT.
BIOT is a mechanic hand model with natural articulation and realistic shape, made from plastic.
BIOT hand controlled by external manual adjustments of joints it can repeat poses, gestures, and grasps of the human hand. This model applicable as an educational reference for Artists, Students, Developers, and Holder for supporting objects like Light, Gadgets, Tools, Jewelry, Clothing, Demonstration mannequin for Shops, Exhibitions, Photographers
Open hand dimensions: height 32cm/width 8.5cm/depth 6.5cm. Weight 350 gr.
Finger ring sizes: Index 18/Middle 17/ Ring 16/Pinky 15.
Glove size S 7th. Wrist bracelets size 16-17mm.
Parcel dimensions: Height 28cm /Width 10cm/Depth 10cm, Weight 400 gr.
Thank you

Sviatoslav gerasimchuk robotic hand biot hold a fruit

Biot Hand with orange

Sviatoslav gerasimchuk biot bionic hand outstretched

spread fingers

Sviatoslav gerasimchuk blue biot twin hand

Robotic arm

BIOT - Bionic hand revolution